Sunday, August 28, 2011


Vedo la fine del mese del digiuno che si avvicina.

Ed era anche ora perche' non se ne puo' proprio piu'.

La noia mi sta uccidendo.

Per darvi un'idea del generale disagio, copio-incollo questa conversazione in fieri che E. ed io stiamo tenendo su FB (rigorosamente in orario d'ufficio) -
  • Listen - what are you up to later tonight? I have a manicure/pedicure booked at (gross) 9:30 - 10:30pm, but will need to stay up until 11:30 to allow it to dry... if you're free we cld have a glass or two tonight at 10:30?

  • This is so funny that I will blog about it! Sure, drinks at 10.30.

  • ;-)) Desperate times............. see you later - I'll come over as soon as I'm back/finished! Or you to me??

  • Come to mine, I will check the level of my stocks of red but I am sure that I still have one or two bottles. I should book manicure-pedicure too so that we can both wait for nail polish to dry while drinking wine and complaining about the lack of Ramadhan gossip! Are you going to the Grand Spa?
  • I am yes... but I may have nabbed the last spot - if not... perfetto! I'll supply the wine - got lots! ;-)


Dr. S said...

And then I ended up without an appt anyway! But I must say, the gossip, wine, porc and parmiggiano was MUCH better than a pedicure anyway.

Back to doing the 'leg-work' myself I guess - it's such a CHORE doing one's own toenails.

AZ said...

Wine and imported food will always be better than a pedicure. Having says this, I will be un-manicured and un-pedicured (if these words exist) until after the Eid holidays. Can't be bothered to do my own...