Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ho appena ricevuto una lunga e-mail in arabo dalla nostra receptionist omanita. Ho dato un'occhiata veloce e ho riconosciuto un paio di parole qua e la' nonche' le due accoppiate 1431-1432 e 2010-2011. Direttamente da Google Translate gli auguri di Buon Anno piu' prolissi e sconcertanti che io abbia mai ricevuto.

Siete pronti?

"Habayeb to your heart's

Here we bid farewell to the year "2010" and prepare for the reception of a new year of 2011.

Stayed a few days and leave this year, all of which occurred moments,
Was happy or sad ..!
We met, and we parted ..
Taahidna, and we dated ..
Will become the anniversary
In our minds and hearts, and will not leave

Most precious loved ones
It is enough to hold together
Smile for the same anniversary
Sometimes save us from the unit!
To outline better grasped ..

Over the year if,

And between victories and Khosairi,

[Only thing]
Who do not accept the bargain!!
Fact It is the deepest point of serenity in my soul, I say to you:

Thank you

For your friendship in 2000

Thank you

On your child's 00

Thank you

A moment of happiness, Achtlsthe of your eyes and you Sarahon 00

Thank you
To times of joy cause you grief defeated and you do not you know 00

Thank you
For being by my side always
And sincere wishes to you beautiful days ..

By the end of this month,
Will involve yet ..
Before being folded
I say to you:
[The most expensive gift made by the world to me is the knowledge and know your hearts Taybeh]

Thank you and have,
From the depths of my heart
Sorry, that failed in the person's right or wrong you

Sorry for the hearts she loves me I do not know whether it is happy with me, or indignant at the act or omission is something that kept up with it?

I re-wrapped the hearts of serenity.
(Sorry for all of the heart hearts that she loves me and I loved)

"I do not know if the rest of my life? Or I am leaving and the public together"

In the days and months to begin a new year and we close all Mavera years have passed and all the memories.

Every year we finish a year and we vary our feelings and the feelings of the year has passed many of the painful memories and beautiful
Which had a significant impact in our souls and Aisaana at end of each year Sawa We hope for ourselves and for those who love a year full of love and Balavrah
We call upon those who have lost loved ones for mercy ..

Remained days to start a new year. Pleading with God to make it a year full of delights and Balavrah ..

Lovers .. I wish you years

New full Balavrah and love ..

I would like to apologize to all ..

Days and involve laminate coming years 1431-2010 À

Bafrahaa .. Ooh Zanha .. All Lh Zatha

God willing, be the Year "1432-2011 " good to everyone ..

I want you to chromatic tolerance ..

And Swori ..

Everyone Zaalth .. Oogltt it .. inadvertently ..

I hope forgive me ..
I do not know you (or the rest of my life I am leaving and public SEWEN)!

Si', insomma, buone feste a tutti...